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New Ford Hybrid System Promises to Please

If we could poll every hybrid-skeptical consumer in America, Midway Ford Truck Center guesses that high cost and low performance would be high on the list of gripes. And though we believe that environmental benefits inherently outweigh any EV downsides, we have to admit, naysayers do have a point. Unfortunately, eco-friendly models can be more expensive up front and can't always go as fast or far as gas-powered engines. But thanks to the creative minds at Ford, things are about to change.

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Ford Flex Sees a Model Revamp

Since its inception in 2008, the Ford Flex hasn't exactly seen sky-rocketing sales. While the wagon/minivan/crossover blended vehicle is certainly unique, it just didn't take off as expected. There are many possible reasons for this, one being the success of the equally spacious Ford Explorer. But rather than dwell on previous sales, the Blue Oval decided to simply dust off the past and move forward. In order to keep the wheels churning, the automaker will upgrade the Flex for the 2013 model year.

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