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2018's Ford F-150: New Engine Options Add Efficiency

The 2018 Ford F-150 has a lot of great features that have truck drivers chomping at the bit to get their hands on one. If they haven't already, they can add better gas mileage to their list of pros.

While the new F-150 won't be able to match the astounding efficiency of smaller sedans and hybrids, it will boast engine options geared toward decreasing the bank account agony truck drivers face when they fill up at the pump. The 3.3-liter V6 engine will provide a fuel economy of 19/22/25 MPG. The second generation 2.7-liter…

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Make your summer getaway with the Ford Escape

It's high time for a summer getaway, don't you think? Midway Ford Truck Center is ready to help outfit you with a capable, up-for-anything vehicle: the 2017 Ford Escape.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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The Ford Escape is versatile enough for the city and winding country backroads. So, wherever you're heading, you'll drive confidently and safely. The

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2017 Ford Mustang Makes Great First Impression with carwow Critics


If given the opportunity, we here at Midway Ford Truck Center could sing the praises of our standout sports car, the 2017 Mustang, for days on end.

However, as we don't wish to bore you, we thought the better approach would be to share the following video.

Ride out with carwow reviewer Mat Watson, as he provides his take on the muscle car:

True driving diehards are bound to flip their lid for the Mustang's top-tier engine, a 5.0-liter V8.

Available exclusively on the GT trim, the V8 turns out a titanic 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet…

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Why Does Freddie Love His Ford Explorer?

When it comes to performance, and safety, it is important to have a vehicle that both complements your needs, and provides those abilities. You should always have confidence in your vehicle, especially when it comes to being secure on the road.

Freddie chose the Ford Explorer for these reasons, and more! As he explains in this video, the Ford Explorer provides him with the abilities he needs on the road.

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How To Tame Your Road Trip

Your road trip can be like a wild beast. It needs to be tamed before it ever gets started. Preventative actions are always the best cure for your road trip blues. You need to think hard before you even walk out the door. There are many variables you could face. You don't want to consider every scenario but you need to prepare for several.

You'll want to keep your car in great shape. You'll need to keep the oil changed and maintain good tire pressure. You'll need to check fluids and make sure your gas gauge…
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Is the Battery in My Car About to Fail?

The signs of a failing battery are easy to spot, that is if you know what to be looking for. Those who wait too long to get the battery replaced wind up on the side of the road waiting for a tow to the service station.

Consider these signs your car battery is failing:
  • You can notice a very strong odor that is coming from the battery compartment.
  • When you try to start the car each morning, the engine will crank over slowly.
  • The car interior lights are flickering when the car is running.
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How To Stretch Your Dollar Over More Miles

When you purchase a vehicle, whether brand new or used, it's an investment. How can you get more out of this vehicle? You need to make it as fuel efficient as possible. Vehicles are designed today to give you more fuel efficiency, but there are a few things you can do to help stretch that dollar a little further.

Weather affects your fuel efficiency. In hot weather, running the AC plays a part in this loss. Best practice is to never idle with the AC on, run the AC only at highway speeds and roll the windows down at…
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Does Your Roadside Emergency Kit Have What You Need?

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle could prove to be invaluable one day. You should always have the tools you need in your vehicle in case you have a breakdown.

Your kit should include items like a First-Aid kit, bottled water, nonperishable food items, and a change of clothes. You should also have a tow rope, jumper cables, and the tools to change a flat tire. You should also have a spare tire. You may also want to bring warm blankets, hand and foot warmers, an ice scraper, and sand or cat litter, if you live in a colder…
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