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Ford Owner Helps Dislodge Stuck Semi

Every once in a while there comes a story in the news that warms your heart, a welcome break from the abundance of bad news which seems to pervade each newscast. But in the recent blizzard in Chicago, many people found themselves unable to drive in the wintry conditions. One such driver was the driver of a semi, who was stuck for hours in a snow covered street. Things turned fortunate when a nearby Ford…

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Keeping Teen Drivers Safe: Ford MyKey Technology

So you're about to give your kid the keys to your vehicle and let them drive on their own for the first time. Of course, like all parents, you may be worrying about whether they'll keep focused and follow the rules of the road; with Ford MyKey technology at your side, you can rest easy! Offering you the ability to program alerts like seatbelt alarms, speed limit warnings, text blocking, and more right?

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Meet the 2017 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The F-150 isn't Ford's only capable half-ton truck. For those looking for more out of their pickups, the F-150 SVT Raptor is on hand to deliver some potent off-road thrills. As part of the recently announced performance division of the Blue Oval, the latest model was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show with a new look, new engine, and more power.

What sets the SVT Raptor apart from the F-150 is its higher…

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Ford Super-Duty Pickup Trucks are Built Tough to Work Hard

There's nothing worse than an unreliable truck when you've been working your hands to the bone. Whether it runs out of juice, can't haul the weight you need it to, or is even just falling to pieces before its time, a bad truck can be detrimental.

That's why you need a Ford truck. With unbeatable capability, reliability, and all-around value. See why one business in the Northwest uses Ford Super Duty…

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2016 Ford Explorer Displayed at L.A. Auto Show

There's an old belief that says you shouldn't fool around with a good thing.

And sure, the Ford Explorer has a proven track record of success in its two decades on the road. However, the 2016 Ford Explorer has been given a round of upgrades to make it a more powerful, luxurious and practical three-row SUV.

In other words, good can get even better as shown by the 2016 Explorer.

Making its world…

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Go Behind the Scenes at the 2015 Ford F-150 Production Line

It seems like hardly a day goes by where we find another piece of news about the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150. That's because there's so much about this truck that wow's us. Fortunately, the time to see how it holds up on the market is close at hand: production has begun in Dearborn. Soon, the aluminum-skinned half-tonner will arrive at our dealership in Kansas City, MO.

Every stage of building the F-150…

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The 2015 Ford F-150 Leaves Our Jaws on the Floor

Whether you're a long-time truck driver or are just thinking about getting your first one, there's something for everyone to love about the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150! With an all-aluminum body, this pickup has dropped about 700 lbs. but has lost nothing in durability and utility, offers a number of engine choices, and has tons of features and tech inside to keep you entertained and connected all ride long. Take a look at what MotorWeek has to say about it in the video below:

It'll arrive here at Midway Ford Truck Center later on in the year…

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The Ford F-150: Backcountry Beast and Now Truck of Texas

Remember the epic video we posted of Ken Block and his modified Ford F-150? Well, the awesome and reliable Ford F-150 is making news again!

Last week, at the Texas Truck Rodeo in San Antonio, the Texas Auto Writers' Association named the 2015 Ford F-150 the "Truck of Texas". With an updated body including high-strength steel and military-grade aluminum alloy, a whopping 700 pounds shed from the curb-weight, the 2015 F-150 model promises better towing…

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Shredding the Backcountry in a Ford Truck

What's the most epic thing you've seen today?

Well now, it's this. Take a look.

Ken Block, professional rally driver, was apparently not satisfied with just compact rally cars and hard-packed dirt corners. So he needed something a little more extreme... like souping up a 2014 Ford F-150 and going backcountry boarding in British Columbia.

His modified Ford truck is outfitted with four "Mattracks" in place of wheels to crash through piles…

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The 2014 Ford Focus is Much More than Meets the Eye

Here at Midway Ford Truck Center, we're eager to help you find the vehicle that will be best suited for all of your upcoming fall adventures. Today we want to highlight one of our favorite sedans, the 2014 Ford Focus. This model represents the ideal fusion of efficiency, performance and innovative technology, allowing you to experience driving in a whole new way.

Some of its highlights include an impressive engine, plenty of technology and…

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