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To Ship The All New 2015 Transit , Ford Reimagines Freight Cars

The Ford brand is all about evolving its current products, strategies, and of course, its reach. But to do this, sometimes, changes have to be made on the supply lines as well as to the autos themselves. In the case of the All New 2015 Transit , an entire new rail car had to be designed in order to bring them to customers.

The All New 2015 Transit  is offered in a variety of roof heights, the largest of which?

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Ford Recall on Escape and C-Max Hybrids

Our favorite American automaker has recently announced a recall on two models over safety issues and we here at Midway Ford Truck Center know that it's our duty to let you all know as soon as possible. The models affected are the Ford Escape and C-Max Hybrid from the 2013 and 2014 model years.

The first issue involves the air bags not deploying for both models in the event of an accident because of?

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Get pumped up for the 2015 Ford F-150

If you've been keeping up with our blog as of late here at Midway Ford Truck Center, then you've probably noticed that we have a good deal of pickups to look forward to in the near future. Even if this is your first time visiting our website, we're guessing this news doesn't come as much as a surprise.

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New Ford F-150 is Perfect for any Job

We here at our Kansas City, MO have been hearing a lot about the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, and needless to say, we're rather excited. While maintaining the excellent performance and towing capability, Ford made a lot of changes to its flagship pickup, including a lighter frame and a new lineup of engine options. We're curious to see how people on the job plan on using their new F-150, and apparently so is?

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Ford F-150 Save an Average of 45 Million Gallons of Gas a Year

The Ford F-150 is hugely popular in the truck segment. Just when we though it couldn't get any bigger the model is getting all sorts of attention now that it has been released with the all-new EcoBoost engine.

At Midway Ford Truck Center we love the boosted F-150 because it supplies amazing power in an efficient package. Apparently we are not the only ones however. Ford recently announced 400,000 units equipped with EcoBoost have been purchased since it was released in February 2011.

That means there have been 2 million EcoBoost engines put out into the world since…

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Ford Model Chosen as Best Car of 2013 by Top Gear

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are a car enthusiast. If that's the case than you no doubt are familiar with the UK auto show Top Gear. It's an incredibly entertaining show that reviews cars of every type. Each year, the show magazine pick a few models that they are particularly fond of. This years top pick got all of us at Midway Ford Truck Center pretty excited.

The Ford Fiesta St topped with list for Top Gear. The editor of the TG magazine was quoted as saying, "It's a car that invigorates…
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Ford Makes a Fusion Energi as Green as Grass

Plant life is an essential part of our global ecosystem. back in 2009 the Coca-Cola Company began experimenting with plant life for a new purpose-- as a resource for creating bio degradable plastics. It has been dubbed PlantBottle Technology, and we now have a great new alternative to petroleum based plastics called PET plastics.

Since hitting the scene in 2009, PET plastics have been used to manufacture 18 billion packages, saving an estimated 400,000 barrels of oil. This caught the eye of Ford, which asked Coca-Cola to help apply the new technology to manufacture car fabrics.

Coca-Cola was happy…

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