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Ford Cuts Down on Water Consumption

Do you consume a lot of water? All new Ford vehicles sure do. That's right. For every innovative model that comes off the production line, 40,000 gallons of precious clear liquid are used up. Now, Midway Ford Truck Center is in full support of Ford production. But the bottom line is that humans need water to survive and well, vehicles don't. Thankfully, it seems as though our favorite conscientious automaker agrees.

In order to significantly cut back on the amount of water used in vehicle production, Ford has put in place a series of new manufacturing practices for the years to come. First off, engineers will execute a method known as "dry machining" which involves lubricating machinery with atomized oil rather than H20. By employing this practice alone, Ford factories will cut back on consumption by as much as 280,000 gallons per year. In addition, the automaker has begun to employ wastewater treatment systems and biological membrane reactors to make about 65-percent of the water recyclable.

While changing the way a production system works is helpful, it's also important for automakers and other companies to set water waste reduction goals. Again, Ford has it covered. Company officials have reported that they plan to reduce the Blue Oval's water consumption by at least 30-percent. How long are they giving themselves to reach this mighty goal you may ask...a mere three years. Ford has set its green eyes on the year 2015 and plans to keep moving forward from there.

Taking the automaker's long history of success and dedicated spirit into account, Midway Ford Truck Center has the utmost confidence in its ability to accomplish this eco-friendly goal. To follow the company's progression, be sure to check in with our Ford blog and contact us online with questions.

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