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Ford GT Easily Breaks World Record for Standing Mile

Ever imagine yourself ripping speeds well over 200 mph while tearing down the Texas Mile? The gearheads from Midway Ford Truck Center sure do. For us, this will remain a fantasy. For driver Sean Kennedy of Texas, however, the fantasy recently became an incredible reality.

With the help of a team from Hennessey, a TX-based performance tuning house, Kennedy was able to hit 257 mph in one mile. Which new Ford vehicle was the speed demon driving? An impeccably engineered Hennessey Ford GT sports car. Not only did the GT shock and awe onlookers with its rip-roaring speed, Kennedy and the model actually beat the standing mile world record. The Guinness Book of World Records notes that the last time a vehicle reached even close, the speed only hit 223 mph.

As excited as we at Midway Ford Truck Center are to hear of the Ford GT model's heat-pounding success, we aren't entirely shocked. After all, Ford does have a history of producing impressive performance for everything from its passenger sedans to its speedy supercars to its super SUV's (i.e. the Ford Escape). Then there's also the matter of mechanical guts. Hennessey auto experts equipped the record-breaking Ford GT with a twin-turbocharged setup for its 5.4-liter V8.

Whether you're into automobile racing or not, Midway Ford Truck Center encourages you to check out the thrilling footage for yourself on YouTube. Then, feel free to stop by 7601 NE 38th Street Kansas City, MO 64161 and allow one of our team members to help you get set up with the right Ford truck for you. Or, if you prefer, simply contact us online with exact vehicle specifications and we'd be happy to help before you even step a foot through our door.

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